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Arun Gee, also known as Guru Gee, serves as the Chairman of the Excellency Group of Companies. Born on November 29, 1981, he grew up in Village Kushak Hirank, Delhi, amidst modest means. Despite his middle-class upbringing, Guru Gee exhibited remarkable determination from a young age, steadfastly pursuing his aspirations. His fascination with the realm of business ignited at just 16 years old.

Arun Gee’s Career Highlights

Venturing into Business: Arun Gee commenced his entrepreneurial journey in 2002, at the age of 21, drawing inspiration from eminent Indian business figures. Over the years, the Excellency Group of Companies, under his stewardship, has expanded its footprint across three nations. Additionally, in 2020, he founded Excellency Holdings, further solidifying his presence in the corporate world.

Spirit of Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs like Guru Gee possess an innate ability to envision beyond the conventional and actualize their dreams. Their creative prowess sets them apart from others, as they fearlessly pursue ambitious goals. Trust forms a cornerstone of their success, a principle exemplified by Arun Gee through his business endeavors.

Global Impact: Despite relatively recent inception, Arun Gee’s enterprises have left a substantial mark. Operating from New Delhi, the capital of India, his companies boast a global outreach. Their growth owes much to the foundation of trust and unwavering diligence.

Diverse Business Ventures: Arun Gee’s business interests span a myriad of sectors, including Real Estate Development, Construction, Hospitality, Oil, Education, and Information Technology.

Serial Entrepreneurship: Arun Gee’s success transcends singular ventures; he is a seasoned serial and successful entrepreneur. His journey includes backing nearly 15 startup ventures and companies, significantly contributing to the growth of seven among them.

In essence, Arun Gee’s narrative is one of resilience, foresight, and entrepreneurial prowess. His ventures continue to leave an indelible imprint on various industries, both domestically and internationally.


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